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Fremont Rug Cleaning Services

Have begun noticing lately that the beautiful expensive area rug doesn’t look quite as bright and colorful as it once did?

In fact, you may have discovered that despite frequent vacuuming and even shaking and beating those area rugs that when you lay them on that gleaming wood or sparkling tile floors those rugs look dull, faded and in some cases down right dingy. You may even be thinking that it is time you replaced those expensive rugs.

But wait! Your rugs may not be worn out as you think they are. They may just be suffering from dirt that has ground its way deep into the carpet fibers or worse, you may actually be looking at left over residue from those chemical cleaners that are sold to be used with your home rug shampooer.

Before you throw those expensive area rugs away why not let our cleaning service see what we can do to bring those rugs back to life and former beauty.

Convenient Service

You don’t even have to make time in busy schedule to accommodate our skilled rug technicians. We do our best to make our rug cleaning convenient for you by offering you the choice of either having those rugs cleaned in your home at a time that is convenient to you.

offering you free pick-up and delivery of those area rugs. With our free pick-up and delivery service, we come to your home on a day and time that is convenient to your, pick up those rugs, bring them back to our facility, clean them and return them to you at a time when you will be there to receive them

We Can Breath New Life Into All Types of Rugs

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