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Fremont Upholstery Cleaning Services

Let’s face it, people in the Bay area live busy lives often working 10 to 12 hour days and then much of your free time is taken up with social activities, sports, and community service,

so when you are at home you want to relax with your family and enjoy your house and your family. With so little time actually spent at home, you may be wondering how your furniture can so dirty, and what you can do about it besides spending hours of you off time trying to clean it.

While we here at Fremont Carpet cleaning can’t prevent your furniture from becoming dirty and stained, we can certainly help you to keep it clean and new looking.

It doesn’t seem like your furniture would ever get dirty. After all you only spend a few hours a day in your home, but even if you aren’t the type of family who snacks and enjoys drinks in your Living or family room, the furniture eventually does get dirty. There are many of reasons for this. No matter how often we clean, dust does get into your home, and onto your furniture and while vacuuming does remove most of that dust what does linger eventually begins to build up.
In addition, even the cleanest of pets have dust and dander on their coats which gets transferred to your upholstery whenever they join you for a bit of relaxation. Add to that toddlers with sticky fingers or older children who forget they are supposed to put their feet on the furniture, as well as those accidents and eventually your furniture begins to show signs of normal living.

Our Services

No Upholstery is Beyond Our Capabilities

We can deep clean any type of upholstery, from that rather oddly shaped love seat, to that toddler bed where your child has had an accident leaving behind that tell tale stain. Our gentle cleaners are safe to use on:
    We also have the skill and special cleaning products to clean and condition your leather furniture whether it be traditional soft leather or suede, as well as clean those ornate and beautiful silk tapestries without dulling the colors or harming the fibers in anyway.

    Window Treatments

    Of course once your upholstery is clean and odor free then you may want your window treatments to look and smell just as fresh and we can do that as well. Our friendly technicians can clean those curtains, drapes and blinds using our Eco friendly cleaning methods and solutions choosing the right solutions and methods for every type fabric. Why not call or email us here at Fremont Carpeting Cleaning today to find out what we can do for you and your furniture?

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